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Lifting Life Higher

Beverley Roberts

The Lifting Life Higher podcast is designed to bring out the best in you and your life. It is about unscrambling your mind and taking ownership of your life, so you can get more of the results you do want. Lifting Life Higher is practical and spiritual, and is the work of Beverley Roberts of Beverley will share with you ways to be more effective in your own life, manage your emotions, and get into better relationship with your body, mind and life. You will be guided to tune into your own Higher knowing in ways that are empowering and assist you to create more of what you do want in life. Lifting Life Higher embraces Beverley's model for change, The S.H.E. Changes Approach ~ all about Self, Health and the Energy of Life. It is for people who want to feel better about themselves and their lives, who have had enough of feeling trapped and frustrated with the circumstances around them, and are ready to do something pro-active about it... To effect change in powerful ways. Subscribe to catch every episode, and if the content is of value to you please leave a review, and share with those who need some help lifting themselves and their lives higher! Thanks for stopping by ~ why not join the conversations over on Facebook and Instagram? You will find the details in the show notes of each episode. #LifeSuccess #LiftingLifeHigher #TrustYourSelf

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